Little Tragedy

Histerija Nova (HR) >9.6.2011. | 19:00h | ZPC cancelled!

Idea, Script, Choreography: Marija Šćekić
Rigging: Ivica Radić, Vladimir Novak
Electronic Music: Ranko Šajfar
Music Solo Piano (Composition/ Performance): Zoran Šćekić
Light: Saša Bogojević, Marija Šćekić
Animation: Majda Džanić
Costumes/Set: Mihaela Županić, Marija Šćekić
Technical Assistant: Ivan Leko
Photography: Zrinka Funarić, Nina Đurđević
Video and Editing: Čejen Černić
Production: Marija Šćekić-Histeria NOVA 2010-2011 u suradnji sa Zagrebačkim plesnim centrom
Funding: Ministarstvo kulture RH, Gradski ured za kulturu grada Zagreba
Partners: Zagrebački plesni centar, Planinarsko društvo Đakovo Sponzori: Sponka, Vegehop, FormaT
About the show

Life on the edge – this is the starting idea of the dance performance by  Marija Šćekić  in which the edge is the risk, despair, courage and fight without which no artists can budge beyond  his/her own creative development.  The performance (Little Tragedy)  "Mala tragedija" is a work which challenges, its risk taking and technically demanding which in a unique and innovative way uses the stage and space of the Zagreb Dance Centre. It differs from other dance performances because the artist  takes a different almost unusual  use of the body  in space. The integral parts of the choreography are elements of free fall, flight, distortion and coordination of the body rarely seen in dance theatre. The principle collaborators in this projekt are members of the Mountain Rescue Team, speleologist and alpine   Ivica Radić, who takes on the role of technical facilitator for the rigging and coordination of the alpine team whose ropes in the piece are bound to the costume of the performer. The title „Little Tragedy“ borrowed from  the 9 minute solo composition of the same title  for the piano by composer Zoran Šćekić which is used in the piece as its "grand finale".


About the Company:

Histeria NOVA is a not for profit organization founded in 2005 in Zagreb. The organization’s objective is to create, produce dance performances, undertake research of  the human being and human sensors and the nature of  movement as well as educational (art/ science) through the Crollateral Movement program. The European Commission and Umis-Smea as part of the 4. European Days of Entrepreneruship (EDE 2007 CROATIA) awarded the organization Histeria Nova with a Special Prize in acknowledgement of its creative contributin in the promotion of the importance of the potential of entrepreneurship among youth in Croatia.

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