Horror vacui

Kik Melone / HR /

Out of nowhere, they appear.

Horror vacui is a multimedia-dance site responsive performance, made possible through a collaboration of 6 artists within a small cinema in Zagreb/Croatia, along with a little help of their artistic ancestors taking the form of ghosts and soul mates: Marta The Witch, Dr. Beringer, the screaming mermaids, Mark Fisher, John Barth, Andrej Tarkovsky and space detectives Sapphire & Steel.

Employing various un-expected theater, movement, film and sound motives the show itself submits its creators/performers to deal with the fundamental fear of non-existence, the dread of the inevitable passing of time, endlessly dislocating their identity trough isolation. By occupying specific, non-theater space, it invites the audience to enter a floating loop of events stationed at an unknown corner, somewhere in space and time, enabling them to sense either. The void opens loose trough a staging of disembodiment, an enacted undoing of the self, the other endlessly falling through cracks in time and space, bringing forth many a dreadful, eerie, affective yet witty landscapes.

Finding pleasure in the free-fall. Joie de nager, the pleasure of swimming along other lost swimmers in the endless black nightsea. Their faces - undefined. Their past - omitted. Their future – lost. Finally a comfort in the tactile. Skin to skin, eyes to eyes. Best safety lies in fear.