Fight Bright

Milan Tomášik & Co / SI /

Fight Bright is committed to genuine perception, recognition, compassion and dialogue. Force is used for knowledge and defense, never for attack. Risk exploits self-realization. It creates a powerful force that takes the spirit back to the source of its conflicts. The interweaving of choreography, scenography and original music offers an experience that transcends the boundaries of the material and illuminates the field of energy, thoughts and ideas.

Milan Tomášik’s Fight Bright rounds off his choreographic trilogy of group performances (2014–18).In it, he continues and takes further the movement principles that he developed in cooperation with the dancers in his previous two performances: Hunting Season (2014) and Silver Blue (2015). He connects his interest in exploring the rhythm that emerges as a result of muscle tension in a dancer’s body with select physical and psychological contents and the related nuances of colour and emotion. Through precisely determined degrees of muscle tension, the performance reveals the movement interpretations of physical extensions in conceiving interpersonality, which in the manipulated world of “fake news” disappear on a daily basis. Harmony within chaos seems impossible and yet it is very much sought after, desired and existentially conditioned. The choreographer relates the physical principle of exploring [a] movement and the relationships that thereby emerge with aspects of process thinking in the sense used by the American psychologist Arnold Mindell.