Avshalom Pollak: design and dance


Avshalom Pollak is an actor, director, set designer and as of recently, a choreographer. He is one of Israel’s most prominent artists, and has achieved a very rich and diverse international career. After years of collaboration with Inbal Pinto, he took leadership over this internationally acclaimed dance group, which he also co-founded in 1992.
He is known for his imaginative approach and a magical world that he creates on the scene using light, set design and props in co-play with dancers. His set designs have been awarded a series of significant acknowledgements in Israel and abroad. He successfully collaborated with opera and theatre houses throughout Europe, USA and Asia.

This lecture will focus on the specifics of designing for a dance performance, the challenges involved in the approach. There will be a discussion about the specifics of collaboration between a choreographer and a designer. Students and professors from the Zagreb school of applied arts and design will participate in the lecture, and the lecture is also open for anyone interested to attend. Entry is free.