Love-ism: the Politics of Intimacy (film)

7.6. 2014. / 13:00 / ZPC

Love-ism: The Politics of Intimacy (film)

Mor Shani & Paul Sixta (NL)

During Love-ism choreographer Mor Shani is closely collaborating with filmmaker Paul Sixta. Sixta expands the conceptual grounds of Love-ism by challenging the discussion and making the process of creation transparent.
Love-ism: The Politics of Intimacy is a visual documentation of corporal fiction.

The camera is a witness to a creative process and exchange of ideas between dancers and community members. Its added value comes from its everlasting development over time – it changes on every screening location because it integrates on screen local community members.

As a product of a multidisciplinary creation process, the film has an hybrid nature: it dilutes documented reality with imagined narratives about the human experience of intimacy. It is a silent film in which with not even one spoken word tells a story we have all experienced and recognize - the story of being together. It asks to take a sober and yet a radically romantic look at the ethos of love of all kinds. It is an invitation to observe the delicate politics of intimacy that emerge while meeting significant others and the essential nature of a physical encounter.

With minimal means it asks to observe authentic improvised meetings of strangers, lovers, family members and the cast of Love-ism. By placing the happening in the sterile environment of the white box the film asks to treat its subjects as museum exhibits: with attention to the subtlest details that makes every encounter unique.