Damen und Herren ab 65

2.6. 2014. / 19:00 / ZPC

Damen und Herren ab 65 (Ladies and Gentlemen over 65)

documentary film

"Looking for ladies and gentlemen over 65" - that was the start of the advert in Wuppertal's local newspaper in 1998, through which Pina Bausch saught ladies and gentlemen with no dance experience, in order to once more present her choreography "Kontakthof (1978).

The advert received more than 150 responses, and 25 applicants were selected. The director followed their reherseals for over a year, all until the premier in 2000. The film presents the protagonists and their life experiences, from the initial difficulties, the development of a relationship with their body and the group, to the effects such a new experience had on their lives and the identity of older people.