7.6.2014. / 21:30 / ZPC


Mor Shani (NL)

Love-ism is a long term study inspired by the book “Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm.
Love-ism chapter 1 premiered in February 2013 in Cadance Festival and co-produced by Korzo, Dansateliers and ICKamsterdam. Love-ism in its final form premiered in December 2013 in Rotterdam Schouwburg.

With this work Shani takes a closer look at the human experience of intimacy, challenging the perception and liquidity of the agreed upon, the sublime and the condemned.
The concept of Love-ism emerged from Shani’s personal need to reconnect to the community after three years of working in the hermetic surroundings of the studio and the production houses. It is a reaction to the growing denial of the function of the arts in society, and grew out of the wish to expand the creative process beyond the premises of the professional filed - the wish to be relevant to a larger audience and to share not only a product but also the act of making.



Mor Shani (Israel, 1985) is a freelance choreographer based in the Netherlands. He started his professional career as a dancer in Bat Dor dance company in Tel Aviv (Israel). In 2009 he graduated from the choreography department of ArtEZ dance academy in Arnhem and has since been making his own creations in different productions houses. A resident artist of Dansatelier Rotterdam since 2010, where he has created the piece Flatland, selected to the Aerowaves network as one of the best young makers’ creations; and, Gravity and Grace, a performance in which three performers struggle with the simplest, yet hardest task of all: carrying oneself; as well as the piece Caliber in collaboration with Conny Janssen Danst. His work Lu Carmella (in collaboration with Ron Amit), was nominated for the Dutch VSCD Zwaan award for ‘most impressive dance production’ of 2009. Since January 2013, Shani is an artist in residence at the International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICKamsterdam).
Shani returns to Zagreb having earlier worked at Zagreb Dance Centre as part of Choreoroam project, an international residency project in which Zagreb Dance Centre partnered with dance organizations from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Love-ism is a Dansateliers Rotterdam production in collaboration with ICKamsterdam, co-produced by Frascati productions, Act Your Age (EU) and SKVR Rotterdam. Love-ism is presented at Dance Week Festival in collaboration with Domino and its 2014 Queer Zagreb season.