Der Bau

7.6.2014. / 18:00 / &TD

Der Bau

Isabelle Schad (DE/HR)

In 2012 Berlin choreographer Isabelle Schad and French artist Laurent Goldring created the solo Der Bau for which Kafka’s story of the same title has been serving as an inspiration source. The labyrinth described by Kafka as a space deriving from the body itself, yet still belonging to it, becomes the basis for their explorations of conceiving this new relationship between body and space.
In 2013/14 the group version of Der Bau was planned in Berlin and Zagreb with Saša Božić, theatre director, dramaturg and choreographer, and Isabelle Schad as artistic directors. The group piece Der Bau, which continues the new perspective on choreographing inner / outer space and seventy black bags serve as material: amplifies the visibility and elongates the body into its surrounding space.
The Berlin production of Der Bau, with a Berlin group of performers, premiered in February 2014. Zagreb production starts mid May 2014 and will have its premiere at Ganz New Festival.



Dancer and choreographer Isabelle Schad studied classical dance in Stuttgart and danced for many different choreographers before embarking on her own projects in 1999. Her research focuses on the body and its materiality; the relationship between bodies, (re-)presentation, form and experience; practice as a learning process; community and political involvement - among others. She worked with numerous choreographers, performers, musicians and visual artists and her projects have been presented internationally in theatres, galleries or festivals such as Tanz im August Berlin, Internationale Tanzwochen Wien or Dashanzi International Arts Festival Beijing. She has collaborated with numerous artists from the European and broader dance world. She teaches in Berlin at the MAC and BA and internationally in the frame of workshops or short period projects.

Saša Božić is a Croatian theater director and dramaturg present in the field of European contemporary dance. As a dramaturge he worked with renowned European choreographers, among which are Isabelle Schad and Simone Aughterloney (Germany), Francesca Scavette (Norway), Martina Pisani (France), Dalija Aćin (Serbia)... For the project “Handle with great care” with Serbian artist Dalija Aćin, he won Jardin d’Europe prize at the prestigious European dance festival Impulstanz 2008 in Vienna. Saša Božić collaborates with European theatre houses including: Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin, Kaaiteatrom in Brussels, Pact Zollverein in Essen, National Dance Centre in Oslo, Dance centre LaJette in Brussels, Les Subsistances in Lyon.
In 2012 he directed Glorija by Ranko Marinković and Spider At Once in Brussels. Together with dancer Petra Hrašćanec he co-authored the Trilogy “Love will tear us apart - Boys don’t cry - the_beatles”, dedicated to special relations beteween dance and popular music. He is the director of de facto which and teaches at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.