Gut Gift

6.6.2014. / 21:30 / ZPC

Gut Gift

Francesca Foscarini (IT) / Yasmeen Godder (IL)

Having won the Equilibrio Award Rome 2013 for Performer, Francesca Foscarini invited Yasmeen Godder to create a solo for her. Given this invitation, Godder decided to begin with an already set sequence of performative and physical processes, which didn’t necessarily arise out of Francesca’s body and psyche, and use this extension to expose something about her as a performer. Within this search for a personal process, using a learned language, the choreography plays with the undressing of a socially aware persona in order to expose instinctual animalistic and primal urges.

These two pulling forces in the work trick us by playing with the way we perceive what is authentic and real in this research.Is the process of gutting out her animal counterpart a means of approaching another level of consciousness? Or is it rather just a physical exploration hoping to create a particular effect on the audience? How does the audience’s gaze enhance, feed, close-off or promote these different shifts and transformations of her body and psyche? And how does this particular performance poetry exposes a view of female stereotypes ranging from the hyper- sensitive and emotionally charged to the primal and visceral?


Francesca Foscarini is a versatile independent choreographer and dancer. Her training as a dancer has been enriched by many projects promoted by Operaestate Festival Bassano del Grappa (I), during which she studied with many notable choreographers of today including: Emio Greco,Yasmeen Godder and Iris Erez, Carlotta Sagna (F), Nigel Charnock (UK), Simona Bertozzi (I), Sharon Fridman (IL) to mention a few. She is the recipient of the Equilibrio Award 2013 for Performer (Premio Equilibrio, Rome) awarded by the jury: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Guy Cools, Raimund Hoghe, David Jays, and Frédéric Mazelly.

Thanks to this award, she could choose an international choreographer to work with for creating a new solo: Francesca chose the Israeli Yasmeen Godder who creates with her Gut Gift.
She as is also recipient of several notable Italian and international awards for her own choreography as well as performative acknowledgement.

Francesca was in Zagreb before as part of Choreoram EU project, in which Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance was one of the co-organizers.