Prison of Decision

1.6.2014. / 18:00 & 20:00 / ZPC

Prison of decision

Andrea Solomun & Ema Janković (HR)

The choreography concentrates on a specific human relation, in which we explore the fact that the absence of one person’s ego is not necessarily an expression of humbleness, but can also lead to self-destruction, while the other person in this dialogue endeavors to find the right approach to reach out to the other. The audience is invited to observe the efforts of two people, who care about each other, trying to reach a compromise, yet their decisions seem to alienate them even further as they carry within themselves emotions of love and support, as well as feelings of frustration and anger.

Ema Janković is a professional dancer from Croatia. She finished TrinityLaban dance conservatory in 2012, and during her training she has done placements (work experience) with NDTII and Joss Arnott Dance Company. Since graduating she has been working on various projects. Specifically Saint Louis Rhino’s La Femme in Croatia, and in London, with Lewis Major Dance Company in the project Glasshouses, and she has been a part of Jasmin Vardimon 2 (JV2) Postgraduate Company.

Andrea Solomun is a Croatian based professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. She graduated from the School for Classical Ballet in Zagreb, attended Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive and other workshops in USA and in Europe by Akram Khan, Jorge Vazquez, Tokyo, A.M.Forsythe, Pedro Ruiz etc. She participated in international projects such as La Femme by Saint Louis Rhino, the musical Footloose by Igor Barberić, and the musical Celebration by Fred Mann (Alvin Ailey Theater), as well as in works by local dance makers: Nothing’s wrong by A. Mišić and O. Vucinić etc. She teaches across Croatia and internationally, and is the proprietor of “Andrea’s Room” Dance studio.