This is You?

1.6.2014. / 17:30 / ZPC

This is You?

Matea Bilosnić (HR)

This is you? evolves from the research of the solo form performed at the Monoplay festival in Zadar in 2013, at which time the initial idea was the transfer of movement created within a specific cultural and social conditions in a performance space. The performance was created within the framework of LAB&TD, and was performed at the MM Centre in Zagreb.

The selected motive is typical of headbanging a particular music genre. By isolating this motive and changing the conditions and the framework within which it is performed, how then does this motive change also its meaning? How can one communicate dance through a different medium other than the body, or at least one part of the body? In this particular case it is the hair which takes on the role of the performer.

Matea Bilosnić, born in Zadar, gained her dance experience through informal workshops offered by Zadar Dance Ensemble, and those offered by Petra Hrašćanec, Lada Petrovski and Angele Herende de Kroo. As she joined the Ensemble, she performed in choreographies created by Sanja Petrovski. After completing highschool, she continued with dance studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria, successfully graduating in 2013. In her final year at the academy she was guest dancer in several productions of the postgraduate company “Bodhi Project”. She gained additional experience and developed further her interest for methodology, by assisting Libby Farr with “Introductions to ballet” and Niti Little with “Introductions to contact improvisation” at the Impulstanz Festival 2013. She has presented her own solo-works at the last two editions of Monoplay festival in Zadar where she is also part of the production team. She lives in Zagreb where she has performed as guest dancer in the work of Daniel Arbreau produced by Zagreb Dance Company, and also performing in the work of Alexandra Janeva Imfeld produced by Studio for Contemporary Dance.