From Body to Body / Magnolia (In Defiance)

31.5.2014. / 16:00 / ZPC
4.6.2014. / 20:00 / Filodrammatica, Rijeka

From Body to Body

Magnolia (In Defiance)

Integrated Movement Research Collective - IMRC (HR)

From Body to Body is a short work resulting from the IMRC workshop, crystalizing the covered research material. Some of the questions which guided us were those around how we transfer movement from one dancer to the next and what happens during this process? How do we create a common energetic space from different bodily experiences? What is the support like and what is the level of communication required for completely different bodies to come into one kinetic zone?

The Magnolia (In Defiance) duet is the first full-length work by the IMRC collective. The idea of the performance stems from the textual and visual designs of Vesna Mačković for an imaginary play „Nepokretne“. The performers develop the themes of mobility and imobility, the ecstatic dance and the imposed stillness, as well as the transposition of these categories into the more intimate zones of memory, bodily imagination and transgression of identity, within their respective, autonomous zones. In addition to the emotional and the visceral, through acknowledgement and support their bodies come together as one.

..the partnering of Silvija Marchig and Vesna Mačković is a productive one and in many ways mutually complimentary. Their distinctiveness is not simply experiential, nor is it political. Together with the artist Juliet Robson, we could say it is more of a parallel ‘undermining or the architectonics of a standardized body’, as well as a the overestimation of the intensity of the staged physicality for the benefit of increased complexity and layering of whatever one would consider to elaborate as dance material.
Nataša Govedić, Zarez

The collective of integrated dance IMRC (Integrated Movement Research Collective) was co-founded by Iva Nerina Sibila and Amela Pašalić in 2012 and has since then been supported by the umbrella organization of the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance. The Collective meets around the idea that dance and movement are not only for specific bodies, but that it is the result of the expression of the body and that the experience of collective moving ,and thus the research around performing, belongs to all. Those with visual impairment, as well as to those with difficulties in mobility or with disabilities. IMRC is a group of dancers of diverse body abilities, each comes from a different dance practice and with diverse educational experience. Together they aim to deepen their understanding.