Love-ism: the politics of intimacy / workshop

7.6.2014. / 11-13h / ZPC
(film screening: 13h)

Love-ism: the politics of intimacy

Mor Shani Workshop

Part of the framework of the lm are the meetings between lovers, friends and strangers, exploring the “politics of intimacy”.
These scenes are mixed with profesional performers exploring the subject matter in more detail.

Besides the lm, the Love-ism project also consists of workshops and a live performance. It is in the these workshops where we have people meet eachother on camera. We give the worshops on the festival location, a day or two before the showing of the film. It is a great way for the audience to experience the “politics of intimacy” rst hand, and in that way develop a dierent, more engaged perspective on the subject matter of the lm.

On each festival location we set up our camera infront of a white wall and invite the festival public to meet eachother on camera. Their interactions are documented in the same way we have been lming amateurs and professionals for almost a year. These shots will be edited in the lm just in time to be shown on the same festival. This results in a unique lm on each location. This is one of the most intense ways to engage your audience.