Caída Libre (Free Fall)

4.6.2014. / 19:30 / KUC Travno

Caída Libre (Free Fall)

Compañía Sharon Fridman (ES)

“If we need help, will those around us stand around and let us be destroyed or will they come to our aid? Are those other creatures out there to help us sustain our life and values, or are we individual flecks of dust just floating around in a vacuum?”
Stanley Milgram, socijalni psiholog

Caída Libre (free fall), explores an essential characteristic of our nature: the survival. After the Rizoma experience, a rite of passage in “human landscapes” composition, we want to deepen into the way groups are formed to create a support, a physical and emotional net that allows the individual to fall down and stand up again. This intention emerges as a result of the need to find freedom space for each individual within a group.

Our survival is a vertical issue: standing up after falling down is a never-ending cycle repeated day after day. Although we all take part in this asymmetric dynamics, each one feels it as unique and non-transferable. Immersed in groups, we always try to find the sense, the freedom, checking if a “free fall” is possible.

In case of disaster, humans have always united to survive, recover and build a new order. There is a primitive force of the nature; an energy that turns into movement and union, a “speed“… it might be our responsibility to enter it doubtless.
Caída Libre premiered in April 2014, but each performance is actually a premiere, as it is created through collaboration of 10-20 dancers, selected by Sharon at the location of the performance.

The performance that is to be shown in Zagreb premiered on April 21st 2014 in Torino, Italy, at the international contemporary dance festival Interplay.

Sharon Fridman was born in Hadera, Israel in 1980, and already today he has a rich dance career which includes several internationally acclaimed choreographic works. His education in dance includes folklore, classical ballet and contemporary dance, and as dancer he collaborated with Israeli companies: Tadmor Dance Company, Kibbutz Dance Company and Vertigo Dance. Today he lives and works in his new homeland Spain, where he is the Artistic Director of the Sharon Fridman Dance company.

He started choreographing in 2000, gaining his first experiences through the choreographic projects Lines coproduced by the Royal Opera House in London, mentored by Wayne McGregor. In 2001, he joined the international project Choreoroam and presented at that time his work at Zagreb Dance Week Festival and also in the framework of the festival Operaestate in Italy (Bassano del Grappa). He is the recipient of several prestigious awards for his work among which are: the Alicia Alonso Award of the Cuban Ballet Foundation (2012), The Hannover Choreographic Competition Prize, and five prizes in different categories of the Choreographic Competition in Madrid.

For Hasta Donde he was awarded the Audience Award at the Festival Burgos in New York, while his earlier work Al Menos dos caras was awarded by the international festival of theatre and dance in Huesca in 2011. His work Rizoma, performed by 70 dancers and 10 cellists, realized in Paris in collaboration with the summer Festival Paris Quartier continues to generate interest world-wide.