Notturnino // Set and Reset/Reset

30. 5. 2014. / 19:30 / ZKM

Notturnino // Set and Reset/Reset

Restaging project with Trisha Brown Dance Company

Candoco Dance Company (UK)

Candoco Dance Company’s double bill features the landmark contemporary dance piece, Set and Reset/Reset, created in collaboration with the Trisha Brown Dance Company and Notturnino a humorous and poetic full-company work inspired by retired opera singers by Thomas Hauert.

Originally choreographed on a cast of non-disabled dancers in 1983, Set and Reset/Reset is an iconic piece of contemporary dance, restaged by Candoco in collaboration with Trisha Brown Dance Company.
Performed to a contagious score by renowned multi-media artist Laurie Anderson, this ground-breaking piece is revived with a new set design and Candoco’s unique perspective.



Brussels-based Swiss choreographer Thomas Hauert’s new piece for Candoco Dance Company, Notturnino, takes inspiration from ‘Tosca’s Kiss’, a documentary about retired opera singers. Delicately balancing the spontaneity found in children’s games and the nostalgic memories of old age, this is a tightly structured piece of improvisation where the audience witness the dancers’ decisions resulting in a truly unique experience for each performance.



Candoco Dance Company is the contemporary dance company of disabled and non-disabled dancers.

At the heart of their work are the national and international productions, created by world class choreographers for audiences to enjoy. The Company is dedicated to producing works of excellence offering audiences and all who they collaborate with an everlasting, unique experience which is exciting, which transforms and which broadens our perception of art and possibilities.

Their performances are unpredictable, bold, with focus on humanity and collaboration. Candoco’s performances are created by internationally acclaimed dance makers and performed on stages across the nation and internationally.