The Perfromers

30. 5. 2014. / 18:00 / ZPC

The Perfromers

Tras studio & Irma Omerzo and Vilim Matula (HR)

The authors, Irma Omerzo and Vilim Matula, deal with the topic of performing. The focus of this piece is on the performative materials and their execution, that is, on the performance itself. The abstract, precise and organic language of the movement finds its meaning in juxtaposition with the spoken content. This performance doesn’t assert itself forcefully, it offers instead a hank of associative threads that untangle and unravel within the audience.

The theater this collective and the invited authors wish to create is at the crossroads of different performative expressions. They believe in the power of the theatre which can communicate in a way that is complex, sophisticated, mature, prudent and thought out and which thus engages the audience on many levels and entices their curiosity.

The Performers are the third production of this collective whose members have come together around a common desire to make their own produ-ctions. TRAS studio offers a new model of working which differs from the standard practice in that the collective makes joint decisions to invite interesting authors to make pieces for the collective to produce and perform.