Hermaphrodites Of The Soul

29. 5. 2014. / 21:30 / ZPC
6. 6. 2014. / 20:00 / Filodrammatica, Rijeka

Hermaphrodites Of The Soul

Žak Valenta (HR)

The performance is dedicated to Dejan Nebrigić (1971-1999), one of the LGBTQ pioneering activiists in former Yugoslavia.
As the second part of a trilogy which speaks about the challenging conflicts and tensions between artists and social taboos, the performance Hermaphrodites of the Soul by Žak Valenta maps out the issues around homophobia in our society today.
The performative material is based on the biography and activism of british artists Derek Jarman, and gay activist Dejan Nebrigic, and creates a narrative framework which is transformed through the affect of the physicality of the performers.

The author uses documents form the court case agains the murderer of Dejan Nebritic, and juxtaposes these to the ideas of Michel Foucault around the relations between sexuality, violence, power and physicality are explicitly, affirmed thus revealing the discriminatory practices within which the different is marginalized, repressed and systematically disapproved.
The performance aims to sensitize the public towards those subjects who are marginalized and who are discriminated against because of being different and diverse.

Žak Valenta was born in 1966 in Umag.
He graduated dance, mime and physical theatre from the School of Physical Theatre in London, continuing his studies in Amsterdam (Mime school, School for new dance development), and at the Moving Acadamy for Performing Arts (Berlin, Zagreb and Rijeka). He co-founded the theatre collective Trafik in Rijeka, performing and choreographing for them since 1998 (Hodač, Beufortova ljestvica, Europa pleše, Kinopredstava, Pozdrav s Jadrana and Utjelovljenje).
As a performer he has collaborated with: HNK Ivana pl. Zajca, Karina Holla Company, Griff theatre, Postheatre, Plesni centar TALA, Exit teatar, Plesni teatar Ljubljana, Companie de Opera Seca and others.

He has choreographed and also directed in productions across Croatia at: HNK Ivana pl. Zajca, Rijeka, DK Gavella Zagreb, Kazalište Marina Držića Dubrovnik, HNK Zagreb, Kazalište lutaka Rijeka, Hrvatska kazališna kuća Zadar, Studio Intakt Ljubljana, Plesni teatar Ljubljana, Prostor + Rijeka.
He directed several videos for the Rijeka-based choir Putokazi. He received the Vladimir Nazor Award for Theatre for his role in the performance “Imago” directed by Nataša Lušetić. In 2009 he was awarded the „Naj naj festival“ Best nonverbal Performance for Children for his work (“My Body”) produced by Gradsko kazalište lutaka Rijeka. He received the Collective Award for the performance „Hodač“ produced by Trafik, Rijeka.
He teaches regularly at the Art Academy in Osijek.
He is a member of Croatian Association of Artists, Croatian Association of Theatre Artists, Croatian Association of Dance Artists and the European Mime Federation. He is a years-long collaborator of the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, and co-organises the Dance Week Festival in Rijeka.