From the Waltz to the Mambo

28. 5. 2014. / 22.00 / ZPC

From the Waltz to the Mambo

Radioballet (HU)

In the hands and in the body of a single performer, a 1960’s Hungarian ballroom dance manual becomes a tool for questioning today’s dogmas surrounding beauty and education. A disarmingly straightforward, funny, and personal meeting of a vintage text and a contemporary performance language.

The solo is a meeting of a body, a text and an object. „From the waltz to the mambo“ combines dance, theatre andpantomime in order to create unpredictability and surpise in a very personal and straight forward way. The form is investigating the question of what is the difference between dance and gesture. What could dance or beauty have meant fifty years ago and what does it mean today? Do we need an explanation?

  • Awards
“Public’s Prize” and “The Best Solo Prize” 2012 Budapest International SoloDuo Festival
  • “Public’s Final Choice” Prize 2013 Stuttgart Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival
  • “Audience Prize” 2013 Gdansk International Solo Dance Contest