30. 5. 2015. / 21:30 / ZPC


Studio for Contemporary Dance Company (HR)

MOVE-r: What is moved, always in motion in this performance is a mutation of authorship us as a group, during which through application and transformation of different approaches and systems of working we create together all versions of the performance.
We question originality, copying and ownership over ideas, and in particular those related to movement, while individual characteristics of each mover as well as the arising differences amongst them we believe are important and we recognize these contributions to the quality of colletive thinking and creation.
We move the group and in unison we enter a zone in which it is possible to discuss anything, in which a particular detail of the performance is always undergoing change - be it space, time or the person who is in a specific position; where it is difficult, possibly impossible, to stop the process or to define if something is competed. We believe it is impossible to repeat any action in exactly the same way. We offer each movement to be used by anybody and we work as a group to transform it into something else. Using the method of copying and mutation we create new originals.

Born in Macedonia, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld graduated from the School for Rythmic and Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb, continued her studies in Belgium, Austria, (danceweb), New Yorku (Jennifer Muller Company). She completed her post graduated studies at a.pass - Advanced Performance and Scenography Study in Bruxelles. She has danced for Studio for Contemporary Dance, Zagreb Dance Ensemble, Irma Omerzo and with BADco during which time she created her first choreography “4”(2001) . She is one of the initiators of Nomad Dance Academy in Croatia part of a network for deveopment of alternative dance education and dance practices.

Studio for Contemporary Dance, formed in 1962 by Ana and Vera Maletić, was at the time the first contemporary dance company in Croatia and in the region. In over half a century of continous work it has produced a remarkable body of works by several generations of Croatian dance makers, including dancers and teachers. Boldly embarking on new and evolving forms of collaboration Studio is always ready for a challenge, frequently collaborating with artists from other disciplines, ensuring it remains unpredictable and always new and investing into developing new generations of dancers and choreographers.
Among the many awards it has received in acknowledgement of its work included are: Theatre Associations, awarded by a peer jury of performing arts professionals, and that of UPUH, the Professional Dance Association Award on the occasion of the Company’s 50th anniversary. Their most recent international collaboration is their participation as partners in the EU project Spider.