12. 6. 2015. / 17:00 / HDLU

Marjana Krajač (HR)

New work for five dancers by a choreographer Marjana Krajač invites you on a journey of movement, time and space, entering gradually in to the layers of dance’s rich texture. Intensive, meditative and purifying experience of waching is forming specific elasticity of time and meaning.

In her last works, Marjana Krajač embarked on a complex mission of revoking the very substance of a dance medium, exposing its own ontology and deconstructed historicity. This monumental durational work articulates the arrival of a historic modernism in to the dance medium, and how was dance, as we understand it today, shaped by that and in what way.
In such framework of artistic focus, Marjana Krajač and five dancers are asking relevant questions of metaphysical commitments and added meanings of the performative body.

Performance is accompanied by a booklet containing a text of the French philosopher Jacques Rancière, titled "Moment of Dance".

The experience is rounded by the minimalist durational piano composition from 1959 of American composer Dennis Johnson titled "November". A composition was lost and not available over 50 years until the pianist R. Andrew Lee manage to reconstruct it and released in 2013.

VARIATIONS ON SENSITIVE noticeably consistently reflect the dance as something that holds a duration, a time, as one of the essential poetic tools, and kinesthetic sensory connection between the dancer and the viewer an essential element of communication. This work is in its way therefore a continuation of a research initiated by the award-winning piece “Choreographic Fantasy no. 1 “, which is just as radical, intriguing and beautiful.
Jelena Mihelčić,

The isolation in time and space in which this dance performance has sinked you in, forces you to perceive all its traces; long-term, short-term, current – performative, with the “heartbeat” of the Dennis Johnson's composition “November” that wonderfully coalesce with its movement and spatial aspects. It seems to me that it is precisely in these variations – in the reflections of our own senses in time (and considering the dance act) – a success of this performance.
Mario Kikaš,

Marjana Krajač is choreographer and author of numerous works approaching choreography simultaneously as dance expertise, invested choreographic thinking, a deep understanding of the nature of a dance medium and how it communicates its relation to the art field in general. Her works are dynamically conceptually oriented with a strong urgency of dance-as-dance, providing intriguing and profound choreographic landscape.

In 2010 her work was nominated for T-HT Award of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. In 2014 her work was awarded with two relevant awards; Croatian Theatre Award for the outstanding choreographic achievement and Annual Award of the Croatian Dance Artists Association for the choreographic achievement of the year. 

Her texts had been published in New York’s Movement Research Performance Journal, Croatian Performing Arts Magazine Frakcija and Croatian journal for dance Kretanja.

She graduated from State School for Contemporary Dance “Ana Maletić” in Zagreb, Academy of Performing Arts in Berlin and has also studied theology and religion science at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. She worked with Grupe Dunes in Marseille, France and after the graduation she collaborates and dances for and with numerous choreographers in Berlin, France and Croatia. Connecting her journey of profound and thorough dance education with the history of different waves of aesthetics in European contemporary art and dance field, she shaped complex understanding of origin, appearance and future of the choreographic.

She worked for and with numerous regional and internationals venues, theaters and festivals and is currently based in Zagreb.