12. 06. 2015./ from 22:00 h / KIC (outside)
13. 06.2015. / from 22:00 h / KIC (outside)

Concha Vidal (ES)

This interdisciplinary visual poem talks about the sequels of love, the affective bounds nourishing our existence, the codependency, loss and grief in the life of couples. It is like a blues singing the emptiness felt after loosing something beloved.

Concha Vidal is dedicated to interdisciplinary performances that blends video, text and movement.The gaze of Frida Kahlo, of Cindy Sherman,of Marina Abramovic, of Sarah Lucas, of Concha Vidal... the gaze of the women who have acquired the gaze returns from the experience.The experience acquired after an initiatory journey in which women learn of their difference, of their inequality, of belonging to one of the two genders.It is the gaze of others that makes women conscious of their gender.The gaze that looks on women as sex, as danger, as mystery, as competition, as an instrument, as power, as women... It is in that initiatory and painful rite-of-passage that the gaze of the women who have acquired the gaze is forged.