14.06.2015. / 21:30h / ZPC

Alessandro Sciarroni (IT)

In Joseph there’s a man on the stage, alone, with his back to the audience for the entire length of the performance, seeking his own image in everything his eyes touch.

The creator of the performance, takes his name from the one who accepts to become father to the man who hides in himself the Divine: we cannot know who Joseph is, or where he is. We do not know whether he is the man on the stage or the one who’s unfamiliar eyes, by chance, happen to be part of the system of representation. The solo stops being an event performed by one and becomes full of astonished eyes, distorted, doubled and amplified.

This performance was recently successfully featured at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and Alessandro Sciarroni is one of the artist participating in this year's 56th Venecian biennale.


In Joseph, Alessandro Sciarroni plays live with Chatroulette, a social network that puts into relation people of all over the world in a random way. It is possible that scenes sexually excplicit appear.

Promising revelation, Alessandro Sciarroni is an upcoming artist that, in neither a gratuitous nor weird manner, uses the simple installed technology of his computer to record and return behind him on the big screen, his image multiplied, symmetrical, flipped, reciprocal, or through deformed details, revealing us its totally unusual, expressive (and compositional) possibilities. He, solitary performer of him self and his fantasies, doesn’t lack irony when applied to most banal and private situations such those of a world of an erotic chat. Very funny and able to generate expectancy for the next performance after this Joseph, a kind of alter ego that gives the title to the show (co-produced by the Stabile Theatre of the region Marche).

Gianfranco Capitta, Il Manifesto, 25 September 2011

Alessandro Sciarroni is an Italian performer, choreographer and director with a background in visual arts and and several years of activity as a performer. His works were presented in Dance and Contemporary Theatre Festivals, museums and art galleries, as well as in non-theatrical venues. Since 2007, his work has been performed in 21 European countries, in Uruguay (FIDCU) and in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi Art Fair). From 2012 the artist's poetical research changed radically and he started creating long-running shows that merge languages from Contemporary Dance and Performance Art, characterized by rigorous conceptual projects having strong emotional impact on the audience. The trilogy Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? is composed by the shows Folk-s, Untitled and Aurora. In 2013, Folk-s launches the "Rencontres internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis" and concludes the "Impulstanz Festival" in Wien, getting that way invitations to many acclaimed European Festivals including the "Kunstenfestivaldesarts" in Brussels and the "Festival d'Automne" in Paris that dedicated him a monographic programme in different theatres of the city. About his last piece, Untitled, its premiere takes place in 2014 at the "Biennale de la danse" in Lyon along with Joseph_Kids, a version for young audience of his solo piece Joseph. Furthermore, in 2013 and 2014, the artist is invited to create tow events for the "Venice Biennale", dance section, directed by Virgilio Sieni. Alessandro Sciarroni has participated to cross-border networks that promote Contemporary Dance and the artists' mobility throughout Europe like "Anticorpi Explo", "Aerowaves" and "Modul Dance", a multi-annual cooperation project established through the collaboration of 19 European dance houses from 15 different countries. He's also taken part to residency projects like "Choreographic dialogues", "Choreoroam", "Performing Gender" and "Migrant Body", a dance project that aims to translate into choreographic creations a reflection on migration and its cultural impact on the European and Canadian society. Alessandro Sciarroni is supported and produced by Marche Teatro in collaboration with international co- producers like the Comune di Bassano del Grappa / Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, la Biennale de la danse / Maison de la Danse de Lyon, Mercat de les Flors-Graner / Barcelona and by the association Corpoceleste_C.C.00# of which he's the artistic director. Sciarroni is one of the artists of the Progetto Matilde, a regional project that promotes artists in the Marches region in Italy and APAP - Advancing Performing Arts Projects.