19.06.2015. / 22:30 h / ZPC

Lee, Su-Feh (CA)

In Everything, the dance comes out of a negotiation between what the dancer carries and the surface on which she dances. Using Daoist ritual objects such as I-ching sticks, incense and spirit paper, the dancer creates a chance-operated environment that offers obstacles and openings around which she moves. Surrendering to the inherent nature of each object - the weight, the energy and the tasks attached to each of the objects - the body is called into a dance that connects the human body to the elements, the present to past and future.

Lee Su-Feh, originally from Malaysia, today makes Vancouver her home. Her dance studies included traditional dance as well as contemporary, and is marked by a range of pursuits in areas of contemporary Asian art as well as investigations in the areas of colonialism and disappearing traditions. Upon arriving to Vancovuer in 1988 she has created a body of work which questions the contemporary as it intersects the historical. She is co-director of battery opera Performance, a company which collaborates with diverse artists. Among her recent projects is the creation of a “dance machine” along with pursuit of training in the Fitzmaurice Voicework techniques. She is interested in different forms of the expression of our biological intelligence.