13.06.2015. / 15:00h, 18:00h + 1 more performance depending on audience interest / ZPC
Notice about changes in schedule for "Ethnoscape"

Cécile Proust (FR)

Following the journeys she undertook with the artists participating in Migrant Bodies, Cécile offers her reflection in form of a documentary through dance, text, photos, geopolitical maps and video on her encounters with migrants. Her set is also the result of her collaboration with French video artist Jacques Hoepffner. Cécile Proust is the author of numerous choreographies. Her earlier project femmeuses was both political and poetic. She holds a Masters in Arts and Politics from the Bruno Latour a SciencesPo Paris. She has danced for Jean-Pierre Perrault, Odile Duboc, Allain Buffard, Dominique Brun, Daniel Larrieu, Theirry Thieu Nian, Bob Wilson and others.

“Through ethnoscape I reference the landscape which is shaped by the individuals who constitute a shifting world in which we live: tourists, immigrants, refugees, exiled… This displacement of humans creates a critical feature of the world which affects national policies and leads one to overlook the other. “

Arjun Appadurai.