11.06.2015. / 21:00 / ZPC - roof terrace

Film by Horacio Alcalá

Croatian premiere of Grazing the Sky will take place within the new programme Movies&Move, on the roof terrace of Zagreb Dance Centre.

The film Grazing the Sky portrays incredible physical ventures of circus acrobats of Cirque du Soleil and finds persuasive stories of men and women who face difficult circumstances - including the real risks of serious injuries.

The price of life in the spotlight includes the years of study and practice, steel discipline, with a constant enthusiasm for learning new skills and travelling away from home. Director Horacio Alcalá follows eight different acrobats coming from all over the world, and shows interviews with precise recordings of participants who perform gracefully the demanding acrobatics with balance. Due to the ever-present danger of falling which gives contrast and sharpness, the trapeze becomes a metaphor for life’s ambitions.

Horacio Alcalá, who was involved in the circus art for seven years, including also Cirque du Soleil, travelled to 11 different countries over the five years in order to record this story which reveals today’s reality in which circus performers want to learn their art in specialized schools rather than through the family tradition.

After the screening the audience is invited to stick around for some music, drinks and dance!
Oberön will be in charge of music.

We look forward to seeing you at the first film screening within the Movies&Moves programme!