11.06.2015. / 17:30 / ZPC - opening

Migrant Bodies: performances (EU)

Visit Zagreb Dance Centre and see how pupils of Medvedgrad Elementary in Zagreb, reacted to the themes related to migrations and view their resulting drawings.

You too can participate in this project by leaving your mark! The European project Migrant Bodies visits Zagreb 11 to 14 June at the Zagreb Dance Centre.

The class of 3A of the Elementary School Medvedgrad in Zagreb and their teacher Darja Mrđen, accepted the invitation of artist Ginelle Chagnon and together they embarked to research their individual understanding and feelings of identity through the Migrant Bodies project.

The pupils were asked to respond by drawing their responses, and together set off on a journey. They discussed together, and they provided which direction to take responding to questions: Who am I? What is my name? Where do I come from? Where I am going? Only some of the questions they found urgent to respond to and these provoked discussions about them and with thers, about their differences as well as similarities.

“We embarked together on this journey with our hearts beating quickly and through the resulting drawings we moved through the maze of hope. “