Le Trait & Le Temps Scellé

17. 06. 2015. / 19:30 / DK Gavella

Cie. Nacera Belaza (FR)

Le Trait
(The Stroke)

Le Trait, is the line which unites the three pieces of the new creation of Nacera Belaza consisting of solo and duet like an echo to the path of the French-Algerian choreographer, expressing more than ever the feeling of loneliness and as an experiment necessary to "remain porous to her environment and to be able to welcome the world in herself". This creation meets also another story: the choreographer's one and her native land, Algeria.

Through Le Trait, the two dancers who met on the other side of the Mediterranean, Nacera Belaza also explores the links between some traditional dances of Algeria, some sacred rituals and her own composition, that we can characterized as hypnotic. A composition, a line, a stroke, that we find again from piece to piece, always present but constantly reinvented.

Because she takes a minimalist form, Nacera Belaza' s dance is infinitely generous, inviting the spectator to make its own path to better come to her meeting. All her power resides there, apart from the spectacular, in the intensity of the tiny, letting grow an experience of the sensible, revealing an own poetry to bring forth a thousand images, without ever representing one of them.

Nacera Belaza practices the detail drawing, the imperceptible nuance, the painting of a slowmoving body with a play of light and shade. She is to the dance what Bresson is to the cinema or Claude Régy to the theatre.
Christian Jade, RTBF, - July 2012

Nacera Belaza tells a lot with little [...] Working for third time on her obsession with bodies tormented by their desire for emancipation, Nacera Belaza is right on target. Breathtaking accuracy and truth.
Etienne Sorin, Patrick Sourd, Evene, July 2012

Le Temps scellé
(The Sealed Time)

"What if it was possible to meet our own disappearance, to shout our rebellion to the world, to say everything and then to proceed to the meticulous effacement of our own traces so that remain of ourselves the only desire to melt, to merge with the air, the sky, the emptiness where resonate the deafening din of our beings?"
Nacera Belaza

People enter or not, but those in the audience for whom the hypnotic effect works, who project themselves into the dancers' bodies, leave almost out of breath and calmed down. Céline Musseau, Sud Ouest, 21 September 2010

The show, which abolishes time, could be prolonged indefinitely, but it closes in forty minutes that pass like a dream.
Noël Tinazzi, ruedutheatre.eu, April 2012

Pushing the bodies to their limit, le Temps scellé finally attains quasi-natural movements of an unheard and hypnotic freedom.
Juliette Soulez, artinfo.com, April 2012

Born in Algeria, Nacera Belaza has been living in France since the age of five. After her studies in modern literature at the Université de Reims, she has created her own dance company in 1989. She enters dance as a self-taught interpreter and develops a choreography that originates in an inner progress, a sensible awareness of the body, of space and of the emptiness inside herself.

Her path resembles a quest and tends towards the enhancement of the direct bond between the dancer and the spectator, open to the infinite of the stage. Each element of her pieces - light, space, time, the body - respond to each other on stage and develop their own designs. The repetition of the gesture, its infinite slowness, the stretching out of time: Nacera Belaza's pieces all explore the movement as one would explore a calm, a profound and continuous breath, one that would mix with "the deafening row of our existences".

Two new creations will come into existence in 2014: Les Oiseaux (festival Montpellier Danse) and La Traversée (Focus Danse, Biennale de danse de Lyon). Nacera Belaza's Company presents its pieces internationally with a regular presence in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. In France, it is regularly invited by prestigious venues and festivals such as the Festival Montpellier Danse (2003, 2006, 2012, 2014), the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (2008, 2010), the Festival d’Avignon (2009, 2012) or the Biennale de la danse de Lyon (2010, 2014).

Nacera Belaza's desire to share and pass on has become focused on the relationship between the audiences and their territories. She develops outreach activities and choreographic creations which take multiple shapes, going from the Master Class to the in situ performance. Nacera Belaza's path has continually maintained a coming and going between Algeria and France. Concurrently with her company's activities in France, she has founded an artistic cooperative in Algeria.

She is in charge of the contemporary dance festival "Le Temps dansé" programme since 2013 and offers training and outreach activities for audiences on the themes of contemporary art and of the danced gesture.