Intensive workshop in mime and physical theatre by Karina Holla

18 & 19 June 2015. / 10:00 - 14:00 / ZPC

Karina Holla (NL)

A physical and emotional approach to acting and movement, by Karina Holla, the queen of mime.
This workshop on physical acting will involve work on vulnerability, on the scars we collect along the way. Displaying vulnerability requires courage, and there will be exercises to help break through the boundaries of our conditioning. The workshop will begin with physical exercises to loosen up the body and the thought processes, to develop physicality and articulations and to test the boundaries. This will set free the imagination and serve as a preparation for improvisation.

These improvisations on the theme ‘hurt/blessed’ will explore our vulnerabilities and our creative territory. The senses will be deployed and work will be done on the use of voice and movement. The improvisations will involve participants challenging each other to transform, so as to develop a sense of rhythm, focus and space.

Parcipant numbers are limited to maximum 12. The workshop is suitable to those with experience in theatre practice, dance and mime, including teachers and those completing their education in the dance, theater and mime studies.