27. 5. 2016. / 21:00 / ZPC


# sveštotrebateznati: As seen on TV

#everythingyouneedtoknow is a spectacle. It is an experience. It is a decision. It is an active chaos. But it is actually just a trailer for something that will never happen. The question appears what is it that every truly great show has to have? Something personal, something funny, something sad, something interactive and something touching.

#everythingyouneedtoknow is a project which was inspired by the influence of social media on our contemporary lives. It questions the inability of individuals to fully empathize with others in the context of the so called society of spectacle, where true empathy is replaced by the illusion and simulation of contact through diverse media technologies. It questions our need for someone to save us from the anxiety of our century.

Ina Sladić (1986, Zagreb), after an education at the School for classical ballet and Contemporary dance school 'Ana Maletić' in Zagreb continued her education under a full scholarship at Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany. She takes part in many workshop and project such as Le Sacre du Printemps by Pina Bausch and collaborates with many artist (Xavier Le Roy, Marten Spangberg and Marina Abramović among others)