Matej Kejžar / SI /

White is a ritual, dedicated to all colourblind people. It’s a symbol of new beginning. White canvas. New, undefined space. It’s ritual of the body which is freed from its representation.

An autobiographical solo piece dedicated to all color-blind people, White is a celebration of a body liberated from its own hidden disability - the disability that exists as a norm only as long as it is conveyed through words. Kejžar's white body embedded in the white canvas of a white cube takes us on a journey from subject's innocent beginning of looking at the world to subject's daring attempts at seeing the world for what it is. In White, Kejžar, is being under attack by a continuous storytelling of an (auto)biographical narrator, whose text-turned-landscape is denoting the disability, while Kejžar overcomes it gradually by emancipatory tendencies of his body. White, hence, reflects on, and celebrates, body's ability to see through hinges and see things through - independent of verbalization.