Alien EXPress

Flota / SI /

Jump on an astral train taking you on a journey of transformations. Turning David and Goliath into a Centaur, climbing a mountain or singing a love song, Žigan Krajnčan and Gašper Kunšek invite dream-like images on stage. Alien Express is a disarming and gripping duet traveling from duality to unity, solidly anchored in a refreshing friendship.

ALIEN EXPress is an alive, always changing performance, or better called: structured improvisation, where structure is adjusted for every situation/performance anew. It is a method, where the artists and the performance are together growing, learning and trying to reach as high as possible while staying rooted in the ground. The inner condition for a mutual creation is a FRIENDSHIP, because it has started as a friendship and it is staying a friendship. Basic condition of the performance is a duet of friendship, opening the doors for trio. We added the light where Borut Bučinel (lights) opened our eyes for different approaches of space and games with dark and light.

While receiving different reflections from the audience there is always something that each viewer perceived the same. In trying to reach TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION amoung us; (ALIEN EXPress) that kind of quality is constantly passing to the public. In trying to reach common mental and spiritual EXPression we are searching for inner patterns of human being and togetherness. Beeing friends.


These Slovenian guys effortlessly win audiences' hearts. With a background in break dance, and no formal training in contemporary performance, they have a lot of fun improvising a sequence of movements that reveal a deep and special bond based on mutual trust and love. It's touching and humane to see two young men onstage being tender, open and honest in their physicality, without compromise, falsity or conformity to gender norms. They follow no trends or currents, they are brave, with a fresh perspective, and they are thinking freely with their bodies. Their work is a must-see if you want to feel reinvigorated to live your life in your own way.