How can our bodies, be or are, a home, to us or others?

Sonja Pregrad / HR /

DOM (HOME)  is a multimedial utopian choreography. What does it all mean when you say home?
The body as a home, but also as a place of constant discontinuity. What does it mean to divide a part of an identity (your work) with another (artist)?
Choreography as a community intelligence - the cooperative body is defined by relationship, touch, common good.

Pleasure and audaciousness are important for this work. They are direct (both to dancers and to the audience), they open us to others. Inasmuch the sensuality is an interest in being with others in an unimpeded manner. These are the foundations of this physical practice, and, with the development of the piece, the choreographic chapters that build the performance structure, questioning sensuality, affects, sharing, vulnerability, not illustrated, but already translated into textures of movement, image and sound, and the idea of ​​home translated into choreography of shared space and being.