R.OSA / A Corpo Libero

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Silvia Gribaudi / IT /


R. OSA is a piece that is perfectly inscribed in Silvia Gribaudi’s poetics; Silvia is a choreographer who, with a baffling irony, stages the expression of a body, of women and of the social role they are given, through an informal language, creating a relationship with the audience.

R. OSA is inspired by Botero’s imagery, by Jane Fonda’s world of the 80s, by the concept of success and performance.

R.OSA is a piece in which the performer stages a “one woman show”, shifting the audience’s gaze through a dramaturgy that is composed of 10 exercises of virtuosity.

R.OSA is an experience in which the audiences are invited to become, voluntarily or not, protagonists of the artistic action on stage.

R.OSA is an insight about the way we look at others and what we expect from them, on the basis of our own preconceptions. The piece revolves around a challenge, the one to constantly go beyond one’s limit.

R.OSA stages the revolution of the body, which revolts against gravity and shows its levity.


A  woman  is  placed  in  a  time  and  space,  who  discovers  an  inadequacy  that  she  tries  constantly  to overcome  in  order  to  regain  that  freedom  to  which  she  aspires.  This  is  a  work  of  movement  that  passes  through  the  rigidity  and  fluidity  of  the  body,  arriving  at  a  distant  femininity  and  falls joyously  in  its  concrete  reality!

The piece is an ironic look at the female condition through the joyful fluidity of the body.


A Corpo Libero is a unique antidote to the omnipresent youth glamour market, and Gribaudi is hilarious, self- aware, and all-woman.
Lorna Irvine, uto 7. kolovoza 2012., theskinny.co.uk

A Corpo Libero is a glorious and life affirming piece; short in length but big in heart. Everything is pitch perfect – lighting, sound, staging and choreography. A joy and a gem.
Lisa Wolfe, uto 7 kol 2012, totaltheatrereview.com