BewegGrund's inclusive "One At a Time" coming to 36DWF, in collaboration with Magija

In Collaboration with the dance group Magija from Rijeka, 36th DWF is hosting the Swiss dance company BewegGrund. You can catch their performance One At a Time on June 11th at the Zagreb Dance Centre, 19:30h, and June 13th in Rijeka, HKD (Inclusive Festival).

One At a Time was first created during the European project Moving Beyond Inclusion, through which Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance and BewegGrund became active partners in the organization of a series of events, including dance pedagogue education, dance workshops and performances

Within the 36th Dance Week Festival we contitnue to develop the One At a Time project with the dance group Magija (Magic). Choreographer Alessandro Schiattarella will collaborate with dancers from Switzerland and two dancers from Magija through a three-day workshop, and re-choreograph the One At a Time. The new performance will premiere at the Dance Week Festival in Zagreb, and the Inclusive Festival in Rijeka.

Within the workshop there will also be a public talk, featuring guests from Bern, as well as Gordana Svetopetrić and Iva Nerina Sibila, Croatian choreographers and pedagogues.

After the performance there will be a conversation with the audience.